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Welcome to My Wine Cellar

My Wine Cellar is for your collection of wines or beers or ciders.
Track them, Taste them, Rate them.
Never forget where you have put them.
All your wines, in the one system.


My Wine Cellar User Manual

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Why Cellar Wine?

Why should I cellar my wines? So, if you've really gotten into wine and you want to stash some away to drink at its peak in 5 or 10 or even 20 years, then we're talking about cellaring your wine. The basics, at some level, are the same. If you're buying wine to drink later, you want to store it around 12-15 degrees Celsius, give or take. The temperature cannot fluctuate too much and you want to avoid too much vibration. Moderate humidity to keep corks moist is a must also. What sort of cellar space makes sense? What kinds of wine should you put in there? How many bottles of each and how to keep track of what’s in your cellar? We are here to help you!!


Do you need a Cellar at all?

A wine cellar serves a few purposes. We’re not talking about wine as a financial investment here—for us, wine is for drinking, not selling. Having a cellar means that you have on hand what you want to drink, without having to go shopping. It also means you can secure the wines that might not be available at your local wine shop the next time you look—maybe they're bottles you can only buy straight from the winemaker or from a mailing list, maybe they're something that's made in small quantity or rarely available. Maybe you have the space to purchase a case so you have stock for the future.
Most importantly, a cellar is about aging wine. If you haven't spent much time drinking wines that have aged in the bottle, gather some friends together and seek out some wines that have aged. Explore a little, and take your time. If you get excited to taste old wines, then cellaring might be for you. Wine is a living thing—which makes it both fascinating and unpredictable. Aging wine is discovering how the fruit from a single year can continue to evolve for years and possibly decades to come.
If you have the chance to explore, do it! Your boutique wine shop, online shops from wineries in well-known regions and some wine-travel will help you get a taste. Some aged wines are easier to find than others. One reason to have a cellar is to own wines you feel grow markedly better with age, but which can rarely be bought with the age they need—so you do it yourself.







We have designed My Wine Cellar with the user in mind. Record your wines in the system to keep track of stock, record tasting notes,
enter details of the wineries where you purchased the wine.
Our My Wine Cellar is available to use, simply purchase 12 bottles of wine with us per year and stay as a registered VIP.
Your wine information will remain secure.
Please have a look at My Wine Cellar - enter some of your wine information - get a feel for the system.
 My Wine Cellar is a great incentive to build your collection. We want to help you create a very impressive Wine Cellar for your enjoyment and investment!

Where should your Cellar be?

If you are lucky enough to have a cool, dark basement or chilly area under your stairs, figuring out where to put your wine collection might be easy.
But many wine pros argue that temperature-controlled offsite storage is a better idea. One of the "cons" of a home wine cellar is that it is too easy to raid it on those
spur of the moment dinner parties or unexpected guests – but in saying that – that is also a "pro" of having your cellar at home. It is recommended that you try a bottle early on to determine what you think and how long you'd like to age any other bottles you have, then hide the rest! For this purpose, offsite storage might be the option for you. The temptation to pull a cork can be too great for wine lovers like us. Sometimes, "Out of sight, out of mind" is key for accomplishing this goal.

How much to buy?

Most wine enthusiasts recommend buying at least three bottles of anything you want to cellar.
If you have a few bottles, you can get to know the wine over the years as it develops, and have a replacement on hand if a bottle is flawed.
If you are a little stuck on which wines to purchase a little trick is to pick a focus for your purchases: Pick one or two things you love and buy those regularly. It’s great knowledge to understand a few regions or producers in depth. Pick a wine region that you fancy and buy three different producers' wines from the same vintage. Then if you are feeling comfortable with your purchases and are getting a feeling for choosing the correct wines, you may wish to venture to another region or wine maker. There are plenty around – so it’s time to check them out.
Many wine lovers regret buying too much at the start, and then finding that their tastes changed over time. Follow what you like in the beginning but never stop challenging your notions of what's 'good' and what's 'bad'.


Check yourself!

Another aspect to consider is if the wines you are purchasing will actually fit in with your life. It might be time to do a little self-reflection. Think about how and what you actually eat at home. Buy for your actual life, not for some ideas you've formed about the wines you admire, or that your friends admire. There is no point buying the best "Red" in the store to go with that chef inspired meaty steak dish if you are not a fan of red meat – just saying!!

Basic qualities you are looking for...

What wines are worth storing for years before you drink? To over-simplify, it comes down to acid and structure. A cellarable wine doesn't need to be a super-expensive bottle: in fact, a producer's simple entry-level wine might be a haunting bombshell after a decade. Perhaps the tannin was a little intense and the wine seemed tightly laced at first—ten years later it can be soft and fine, as layers of earthy flavours have developed and the fruit has softened. For some, it comes down to just one quality. People try to say it's about a lot of things, but really, if there's acid, then the wine will at least survive, if not get better.
Wines with residual sugar as well as that all-important acid are a particularly popular category for collectors. Over time they begin to appear drier than they once were, and that trajectory is a magical one.

How do I remember what's ready to drink?

This is why we have created "My Wine Cellar". It’s your one stop place for all the wine in your cellar. It lists all the details you need to know about your wines. If you already have a large cellar, then the setting up process might be a little time consuming but so worth while when you can easily identify the perfect wine for the perfect occasion. If you are just starting out, just update all the required fields (that interest you) as you go along. My Wine Cellar is a comprehensive database to keep all your wines information in the one place. And the best part is you can fill in as much or as little data as YOU require. Not interested in the region – don’t put it in. Want to remember where, when and how many you purchased? Fill in the required fields so you are not second guessing this aging bottle in your cellar. You will know exactly when it will be ready – which makes you look pretty good to your friends – doesn’t it??
Let’s get going – It’s time to start stocking that wine cellar you have always dreamed of.